Kitchen Set -7 Pce Green and Cream


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7 pce green and cream kitchen set. This is a lovely range to fill the whole kitchen, comprising of


  1. 2 Door fridge with shelves. 6.5w x 5.5d x 14h.
  2. Kitchen buffet with 2 opening doors and drawers. 10w x 4.5d x 15.5h.
  3. Kitchen sink with stainless steel taps and 2 opening drawers and cupboards 10w x 5.5d x 8h.
  4. Stove with drop down front and 4 burner stove top 6w x 5.5d x 8h.
  5. Rectangular table 7.5w x 13l x 6.5h.
  6. 2 Spindle back chairs with green seats. 4w x 3.5d x 8.5h.
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