Lounge Set – 8 Pce. 1:12


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8 Pce lounge set comprising of
1. Mahogany glass door and sides crystal cabinet with 3 shelves. 9w x 4d x 16h.
2. Mahogany cupboard with 4 drawers and 1 cupboard. 105w x 4d x 8.5h.
3. Mahogany coffee table. 9.5w x 4d x 3.5h.
4. Mahogany chair with arms and red velvet seat. 5.5w x 4.5d x 8.5h.
Blue and white stripe stripe 3 Pce curved lounge with –
5. Blue and white lounge 14w x 6d x 8h.
6. 2 X Curved lounge chairs. 7we x 5d x 7.5h.
7. Mahogany magazine stand. 6.5w x 1d x 5.5h.